May 17, 2009

The Dragon Reborn

"Jordan continues his Wheel of Time saga (after The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt ). Three thousand years ago the Dragon led the male mages of the world into entrapping the Dark One, but the cost was high: all male mages, then and thereafter, were driven mad. Now the Dark One is breaking free, and the only salvation may come through Rand al'Thor who may be a reincarnation of the Dragon and who must obtain the sword Callandor, held in the city of Tear. All of Rand's companions from the previous books find themselves, willing or not, moving toward Tear for a confrontation with evil traps. Jordan's fast and absorbing adventure novel will keep the reader too entranced to worry about plot inconsistencies, numerous coincidences, lack of character development and Rand's inexplicably infrequent appearances. As light fantasy, however, it proves an enjoyable diversion." -- Publisher's Weekly


Lucas Babin as Galad- He is the half-brother of Elayne and Gawyn. He sees the world in black and white, and will always do what he sees as right. He is described as taking good to a fault. "He is almost too handsome for masculinity. He is tall and slender with dark hair and eyes."

Kathy Bates as Sheriam Sedai- Sheriam is the Mistress of Novices. It's her duty to oversee and train all the Novices in the White Tower. She serves as both a disciplinarian and a shoulder to cry on for girls who need either. " She is slightly plump with high cheekbones, tilted green eyes, and fiery red hair."

Jason Flemyng as Gaul- An Aielman who is searching for He Who Comes With the Dawn, the man prophesied to unite the Aiel and lead them from the Waste. He is caught by some Hunters of the Horn and is imprisoned in a gibbet.
"He is handsome in a rugged way with green eyes and long eyelashes." He is taller even than Rand.

Noureen DeWulf as Zorrine Bashere (Faile)- She is from Saldaea, but left home to become a Hunter of the Horn in Illian. She follows Perrin, Moraine, and Lan because she thinks they will lead her to the Horn of Valere. "She is tall with black, shoulder-length hair. She has a large, bold nose, a generous mouth, high cheekbones and dark, slightly tilted eyes."

Laura Prepon as Aviendha- Aiel of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. She is Far Dareis Mai, a Maiden of the Spear. She is with a group searching for He Who Comes With the Dawn. She is tall and lovely with blue-green eyes. Her reddish hair is short with a tail in the back

Daniel Day-Lewis as Julian Sandar- Thief-catcher in Tear. One of the most dangerous people that Mother Guenna knows of. He carries a notched sword-breaker and narrow staff; he is deadly with both. "He is lean and handsome and in his middle years. He looks as though he were carved from aged wood. He has short, black hair and dark eyes."

Liam Neeson as Rhuarc- Clan chief of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. He was once Aethan Dor, a Red Shield. He is leading his clan in the search for He Who Come With the Dawn. "He is tall and handsome with a strong, square face and a good smile. His dark red hair is graying. He has broad shoulders and blue eyes."

**Special thanks to the Encyclopaedia WOT for providing descriptions! ßPin It


readerMom said...

As a female, I don't think your choice for Galad is breathtaking enough, though I can't think of anyone else, so I suppose he will do. Are you going to do all 11 (so far) books?

Garett said...

Search google images for lucas babin; maybe that's a poor picture of him. But then again, maybe you're right. I have a hard time picturing Galad. He's supposed to look like a epitomal pretty-boy, but also be dangerous with a blade. That's kind of like an oxymoron!

I do plan on casting all of this series. I read these books years ago, but lost interest when I caught up to Robert Jordan (around book 6). I couldn't keep up with the cast of characters with some much time between the release dates of the books. But now that Brandon Sanderson is writing the final book, I'm going back and listening to the audiobooks to refresh my memory. I'll pick up the novels when I catch up to where I was.

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