December 18, 2008

Children of God

Publisher's Weekly: Russell follows her speculative first novel, The Sparrow, with a sequel that will please even readers new to her interplanetary missionaries. Having returned from a disastrous, 21st-century expedition to the planet Rakhat, Jesuit Father Emilio Sandoz, the sole survivor of the mission, faces public rage over the order's part in the war between the gentle Runa and the predatory Jana'ata fury more than matched by the priest's own self-hatred and religious disillusionment.

In the sequel, he is forced to return to Rakhat with a new expedition more interested in profits than prophets. When they discover the planet in turmoil and the Runa precariously in power, the temptation to interfere is more than they can withstand. As in her first book, Russell uses the entertaining plot to explore sociological, spiritual, religious, scientific and historical questions. Misunderstandings between cultures and people are at the heart of her story. It is, however, the complex figure of Father Sandoz around which a diverse interplanetary cast orbits, and it is the intelligent, emotional and very personal feud between Father Sandoz and his God that provides energy for both books.

On Rekhat

Hugh Jackman as Father Emilio Sandoz- Ideally, Jackman would reprise his role from The Sparrow movie.

Micheal Chiklis as Father John Candotti- Same for Chiklis.

Micheal Greyeyes as Father Danny Iron Horse- Danny is to be the Father Superior of the new mission to Rakhat. He is described as large, of Lakota/French/Swedish descent, but his features portray the Lakota line. He is one of the foremost political scientists in the Jesuit Order and is considered a candidate for Father General one day.

Eric Stoltz as Father Sean Fein- from Belfast, Ireland, Sean speaks with a heavy Irish accent. He is described as having flaming red hair and a fiery dispostion. He is a chemist who sees "chemistry as Holy Order and Sacred Beauty." He is going to Rakhat to study their nanotechnology.

Javier Bardem as Father Joseba Urizarbarrena- Joseba grew up wanting to be a terrorist, coming from a family who were actively involved in the ETA. He went on to study ecology at the university and began to see humans as a virus. He wishes to go to Rakhat to be apart of a society that is living in balance with their world.

Olivier Martinez as Carlo Guiliani- Carlo is a ruthless member of the Camorra, the Neapoliton mafia. He is extremely good-looking and has excelled at everything he's attempted, giving him a very large ego. He is funding the mission to Rakhat in hopes of setting himself up as Emperor, as well as establishing trade with the locals that would bring untold riches back on Earth. He is married to Gina and is the father of Celestina.

Brian F. O'Byrne as Nico d'Angeli- Nico seems to be simple-minded, but hides an inner depth that few see. He is essentially Carlo's thug and he is fiercely loyal to him. He develops a deep affection for for Emilio. He also enjoys singing opera and has a very fine voice. He is described as having liquid brown eyes in a skull that was a little small for his body.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Frans Vanserhilst- Frans is a mercenary and pilot of the mission to Rekhat. He has spent many years in space and was exposed to cosmic radiation that altered his DNA. He is obesely overweight due to this change and no amount of exercise or diet can stem the weight gain. He hopes by traveling to Rekhat science will have discovered a way to fix his condition in the 40 years he is gone. He is described as square and fleshy, with bright blonde hair and blue eyes.

On Earth

Frank Langella as Father General Vincenzo Giuliani- Reprising his role from The Sparrow.

Ntare Mwine as Pope Gelasius III- The first African pope. He is in his sixties and lean, with deep, wide eyes. Mwine is a little young for the role, but he has the patient, soothing voice one might expect from a pope.

Diane Lane as Gina Guiliani- Gina, Carlo's wife, is a love interest for Emilio. She is a very capable woman and we can conclude she is quite attractive, as she attracted Carlo's eye for a time. She is raising Celestina on her own, as Carlo works in space and never comes home. She has attempted divorce several times, but Carlo convinces her to stay each time. ßPin It

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I enjoy your dream casting. Note, Gina received divorce, p. 130

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